Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thursday's Post on a Saturday, Doesn't That Blow Your Mind

Why Vista Way is the best Apartment complex

Location, Location, Location- I think the biggest factor that you have to look at when you are picking which apartment complex you want to live at is what is in the surrounding area. When you look at Chatham and Patterson they have Publix and they have Walgreens within relative walking distance (you probably don’t want to be walking back with a gallon of ice cream but they are still close) and I believe there is also a Subway, McDonald’s and some Columbian restaurant in the same complex. But then you look at Vista Way it has so much more options around it. In the immediate area there is a Wendy’s, Chik-fil-a, Bennigan’s, Ci-Ci’s, Dunkin Donuts, Starbucks, Walgreens, and a pretty good small Greek Market. Then if you are up for the walk, when you under the overpass there is Crossroads with a bunch of other options including TGIFridays, Buffalo Wild Wings, and some local grocery store. And then in terms of fun things to do around the area, there is only Mickey’s Retreat by Chatham and Patterson but there are two mini-golf courses by Vista and they are pretty fun.

Bus are us- This is actually a big one and to be honest it’s a good thing that they tell you where you are working before you tell them which complex you want to live in. See there are two of the four park (I only talk about four parks because that’s where most people work) buses that stop by the Chatham area and then to the Vista and then the other two stop by Vista first and then the Chatham area. The bus A bus and the C bus stop at Vista second and these are the Magic Kingdom and Epcot buses respectively. Why is it important to have the bus come to you last? It gives you more breathing room, so if you find yourself waking up late there is some solace in the fact that the next bus that comes is going directly to the park rather than picking you up and then going twenty minutes out to pick up Chatham before going to the park. The only downside to this is at the end of the night it will take about fourty-five minutes to get from Magic Kingdom to Vista, the Epcot bus takes only about twenty minutes to get you home.

Homey Community- First of all I’m going to address the worry about parties at Vista. YES there are a lot of parties (almost one every night). YES they are a lot of fun (SO MUCH FUN). And NO they aren’t too loud that you can’t sleep so you don’t have to worry about not getting enough sleep. With that out of the way Vista is the greatest place to live. The complexes are all close together so you do meet a lot of your neighbors. Yes the apartments are smaller and more dated but for what you are doing there it really doesn’t matter. Vista just has a good feeling about it.

Plus it has it’s own theme song-
So just don’t count Vista Way our without thinking first. And that is the Thought for the day.

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!


  1. Erm...I'm still gonna go for wanting to live at a more homey place like Patterson because I like my space/nice accommodations. Sure the convenience is nice, but I'll take a clean/newer place any day. And I can always come visit Vista for these so-called "Parties."

    And I have this gut feeling bus service is going to end up at Patterson this year...just a hunch.

    Finally, do we have a map anywhere of where these complexes are on property?

  2. Are you talking about in relation to the parks or a map of the complexes themselves?

  3. If you were talking about where they are on Disney property, they are not oon property. They are located outside of the property closest to the Downtown Disney entrance but on the oter side of the highway.
    And again it's like I said in the post, everybody has a reason to live where they want so if Vista isn't your kind of place then I say enjoy Patterson.