Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So I'm No Expert.....Just Expertish

The World Famous Kitchen Sink

You can travel the world a million times, but you will never see it all. Alright, so I haven't been to Disney World a million times but you see my point, there will always be something you haven't seen or done everytime you go. I learned this lesson in a big way on the first day of my Summer Alumni program. You see, when I arrived, I was given an assignment at a restaurant that I knew nothing about.....Beaches and Cream.

Located in the EPCOT Resort's Beach Club, Beaches and Cream is a 50's style malt shop. Complete with soda fountains, jukebox with period music (there will be an entire post dedicated to this machine), and soda jerks (though I considered them okay people....get it, jerks....oh whatever), Beaches and Cream harkned back to a simpler time when burgers were 5 cents, sodas 10 cents, and touch screen registers were all the rage.

Beaches had great burgers and hot dogs and that sort of fare, but it was it's ice cream treats that brought in the crowds. I learned to make everything from an old fashioned banana split and hot fudge sundaes to Brownie Mudslides and Milkways. And then there was the Kitchen Sink, a really adventure an a half. This is the awesomeness that was the Kitchen Sink:
-Hot Fudge
-Peanut Butter
-2 scoops Vanilla
-2 scoops Chocolate
-2 scoops Strawberry
-1 scoop Mint Chip
-1 scoop Coffee
-Strawberry topping
-Pineapple topping
-Bundt Cake
-1 Whole can of whipped cream
-Angel food cake
-4 oreos
-Handful of cherries
-All the small hard toppings (sprinkles and the like)
-MarchMallow topping
-Chocolate syrup
All served in a sink shaped bowl. And best of all, there's a challenge. If one person completes this everest sized behemoth of a sundae.....it's FREE (free at Disney is an award all its own.....the 2 weeks of stomach aches following are just a reminder of the victory). However, I saw grops of five and six come in and only get through about half of one. But they all have fun doing it. Which is why I encourage all of you out there to find a group of friends while on your program and try it at leat once.

Throw in some great CP's, the experience of working in one of Disney World's best Deluxe Resorts, and some good ol' fashioned pixie dust and you have one heck of a College Program. And to think, I probabl would have never experienced this Disney gem if I hadn't been assigned to work there. That is why I emphasize exploration on your program, you never know what treasures you'll find.

Have a Zip-A-De...wait what? You say I'm forgetting something? You say I didn't tell you anything about the costume I got to wear working at this unique location? Psshhh, you don't want to hear about that. It's boring. So as I was saying, Have a Zi......fine, I'll tell you about it, shesh. Close your eyes and pic.....no, don't actually close your eyes, how will you be able to read this with your eyes closed? Mentally close your eyes and picture a pair odd light blue pants being held up with a pair of eye blindingly yellow suspenders. Then think of every pastel color you can and imagine that as a slightly ruffly rainbow stripped buttoned down long sleeve shirt and just for fun, throw in a bow tie that matches those wonderful suspenders and there, voila you have a figment....er, I mean a Beaches and Cream Cast Member (of course, girls wear a dress variation of this pallet). I'll post a picture soon.


Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Makin Memories

I was trying to decide what to cover for my first post back. I figured I would talk about my latest College Program at the end of the week and instead focus on Disney's newest marketing promotion today with a quick look at wher they've been and where they ar now. Enjoy:

Disney’s marketing teams have been VERY busy the past couple of years.

First there was the ‘Year of a Million Dreams’ and the Disney Dream Squads. Now this, was by far my favorite, favorite, favorite, Disney promotion in the many years I’ve been going. There was a push of over fantasization (FYI, not a word) in all aspects of the parks and resorts. From dream Fast Passes, to special YOMD Mickey Ears (which I have a pair), and even a stay in Cinderella’s Castle, everything about Disney World seemed to radiate with even more magic than ever before. oh, and who could forget those amazing Annie Lebowitz pictures.....amazing. This video pretty much sums up what I’m getting at:

They followed that up with a different kind of celebration, a celebration of the guests. ‘Celebrate You’ was a promotion that inspired guests to celebrate everything and anything they could think of. It brought forth new celebration buttons including “I Graduated”, “Happily Ever After” and even a basic “I’m Celebrating” for any occasion ( Picked up these on random days in the parks to celebrate everything from a day off, to a new haircut, and even Canada Day…..hey, when in Rome, or uh, Quebec?). This also introduced free admission on your birthday and Give a Day Get a Disney Day in which those who went out of their way to better their community by volunteering, received free admission to the parks (not a bad trade off). Hey, it’s like the song says, “In Everything You Do, Celebrate You!”

And that’s what leads us to this past September and Disney’s announcement of their newest and possibly most interesting promotion to date, Memories (a celebration of past, present, and future memories). Disney has already unveiled certain aspects of this promotion including the incorporation of guest pictures taken in the park, integrated into the night time show on Cinderella’s Castle through the use of some interesting Disney Imagineering magic. They have already started running a series of promotions which are almost entirely comprised of family home videos of the parks. This is why I am excited. With their past track record and the real potential Disney has to in front of them to celebrate past and future Disney fans with ‘Memories’ it will be interesting to see how Disney will take this to infinity and beyond!

There are really so many ways Disney can go with this that this could prove to be the best promotion ever, until the next one of course....I suggest "The Year of The Purple Folder Cp", what do you think?

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Purple Folder: Chapter 2: The Empire Strikes Back......or Attack of the Clones?


Hey guys....

Uhh, long time no see....

Where have I been?.....

Well you see, this evil witch turned me into a llama and me and this large dude who sounded alot like Fred Flinstone got lost in these woods and I could've sworn we were being chased by Patrick from Soarin'and he was speakin chipmunk Squirrel and telling me that I had to stow my Mickey Ears under my seat. And I was all like Genie, for my third wish, I wish you were free so that I could finally get back the Purple Folder when suddenly this weird psycho lady came and kidnapped my 100 brothers and sisters and myself (by this point I was a puppy and not a llama, just for clarification purposes). Then she brought us to this weird Mansion where Eddie Murphy was blabbing on about selling real estate and a Fortune Teller who was only a head told me how to get to a computer so that I could start blogging again, however, she led me to this under water cavern where a crab and a fish told me that I had to leave before this fish lady's father found me....of course I didnt listen and I was found and the only way he would let me go was if I pulled this sword out of the stone and became King of England (let me tell you, more trouble than its worth). Let me just summarize a few details and bring you to the end of the story. I was mauled by a mangy lion with a scar on its face, brought to the future to help fix a time machine that I supposedly built (go figure), saved by a short dude with a big ol hump on his back (he's sensitive about it, so if you see him, dont mention it),ummmm beat some broccoli colored lady who turned into a dragon, learned its not easy being green from a frog of all things, talked to a cricket who told me to wish upon a star and now Im here. What, why did the lion have a scar on it's face? You read that entire story and that's the only question you have? That's the only thing that sticks out to you? Boy, you guys must really be Disney fans......and that's a great thing.

Hey guys and galls, let me first address the flying circus elephant in the room. Yes I have been absent from The Purple Folder for well over 4 months now but Im here now and not only do I feel ready to start writing again, but I have some great new stories and insights straight from my latest adventure in the Disney College Program. I also have some great new article and series ideas, including new top fives, some great trivia, and even a few inerviews with people (many whom I call my friend and they call me "ol' what's his name...you know, the weird guy with the funny hair") who worked in different roles during their programs and who will give you their insights, advice, and crazy stories from.

So where do we go from here?

I call Tabula Rasa, a blank slate. Out with the old and in with the new. This is the beginning of "The Purple Folder: Chapter 2." From today on, I welcome back my old readers (those who went nuts and apparently didnt unsubscribe to my blog), new readers who either share in my love of all things disney and/or are getting ready to embark on your own College Program adventure (I encourage you to take the time and check out some of my past articles), and the random person who went googling for blogs all about purple folders (Im sorry to mislead you dude). I look forward to getting started again and I hope you enjoy.

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!!!!