Monday, September 7, 2009

So I was sitting in my dorm room and I was thinking to myself: "For my first infotainment blog post should I write an article to help before arrival or when you are actually in the program?" So I decided to start a series that deals with what you should and shoudln't bring:

Things You Are Thinking of Bringing But Dont Need:

1.Heavy Jacket- I cannot tell you how many times I was in someone else's apartment and I saw a heavy jacket in their closet (One girl had four snow jackets "just in case."). Let me be the first to say to you "Welcmoe to Florida! It doesn't get cold.....even when it's cold it is not cold." For a majority of your program it is going to be warm and muggy, it's what Florida does best. On the off chance a cold front comes in during the winter it may get down to the 60's during the day and MAYBE the 40's at night. So to summarize......leave the down jacket at home, the heaviest cold weather clothing you need in a hoody.

Things You Aren't Brining But You Should Consider Bringing:

1. Wireless Router- Okay so this may be a weird item to start off with and I cant really speak to Chatham or Patterson because I dont know if they have this same design "issue" but when we arrived at Vista Way and my roommates and I were setting up our computers we came to the realization that there is only one corner of the apartment to connect to the internet. So picture six guys huddled together at one small table with six computers and wires everywhere. It got to the point where we bit the bullet and bought a router for $80 at Walmart and everything was great after that. So if you have a wireless router, bring it.

Aright to finish this post up Im going to go through a few quick hits about me. My name is John and I attend a college in Florida. I participated in the Fall Advantage 2008 in QSR at the Magic Kingdom and I worked the Food and Wine Festival at EPCOT.My favorite disney movie character is probably Peter Pan and favorite WDW character would be the Figment with the Dreamfinder though I do like Rex the robot and Dr. Seeker is retty funny too(cop out answer) . Anyways I will be running this blog as long as I can so if you have any questions you want to ask or any idea for an article leave a comment and follow my blog.

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!

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