Monday, September 14, 2009

Something Neat From Around the Web

This week I have three neat links to look at so let's get right to it

-As we all know the D 23 Expo came and went this past weekend leaving the disney community with so much new stuff it's impossible to take it in one bite. So here is a link discussing what was personally my favorite announcement, that's right the confirmation of the expansion of Fantasyland. New shows, rides, and's a brand new Fantasyland

-This next link is also to a youtube video. This is personally one of my Top 5 disney movies even though it is a made for tv movie special entitled: Muppets at Disney World. It was made in 1990 as a part of the initial bond of the Jim Henson company and the Walt Disney Company. It is definetly worth a watch. Two things about this though: It features the idea that WDW is all one park as you will see in that fact that a character will be in Frontierland one second and MGM studios (yes I can call it that because it still was) the next. The other thing is you will notice the movie is broken down on youtube into six links so when part one finishes you will have to click on the link in the youtube sidebar to get to part two and so on. Enjoy!

-And the third I am putting in is a link to a site you will have to register for and its free just like any other forum. Once you do click on the jukebox option and ther eyou will have access to a library of over 1,000 disney songs and spiels from the parks. If that doesnt get you into a disney mood I dont' know what will

Well I hope you all enjoy the links and as always:

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day


  1. I cannot WAIT to see look at soon as I get out of work! :)

    You have a fantastic blog, btw. I was in hysterics last night reading your first posts about the anticipation of opening the Purple Folder and how your $2000 laptop can become a $2000 paper weight!

  2. Hey, I'm Cori (fall 2010 hopeful) and found your blog on the facebook group.
    BIG fan of the d-cot link, thanks for posting it!! :)

  3. I really appreciate the comments and I am glad to here you enjoy some of the links. It seems to be a great group on facebook a so it could prove to be a pretty good way to connect to other future hopefuls. Anyways I have alot more great articles and links to come in the future so stay tuned.

  4. I finally got a chance to look at the Muppets in Disney World! Classic!

    (And Mickey is wearing TERRIBLE 80s/early90s clothes, btw, hahaha)

  5. To me that was the one thing that I found unpleasant about the movie....Mickey looks like he bought his clothes from the cast of Saved By the Bell

  6. HAHAHA so true. Your sense of humor is priceless, btw.