Friday, September 25, 2009

Three top five......that's like fifteen


Last Friday I took a look at my calendar and I saw that I had a tough two weeks ahead of me that included three quizzes, three tests, and a handful of essays and papers to do. And I sit here now, in front of my desk, feeling relived that I am half way through but also looking at the week ahead knowing that I still have a few more challenges including an Accounting test to complete before I can really breathe easy again (until I have to do it all over again of course). These weeks however did help inspire my Top Five list for today. So with that said here are the three quick top five places to relax and take it easy at Walt Disney World.

Top Five Relaxing Rides (There’s kind of a theme here)
5. Ellen’s Universe of Energy (EPCOT)
4. La Gran fiesta Tour (EPCOT)
3. Tomorrowland Transit Authority (Magic Kingdom)
2. Living with the Land (EPCOT)
1. Spaceship Earth (EPCOT)

Top Five Relaxing Hotels and surrounding areas
5. Grand Floridian
4. Port Orleans Riverside
3. Animal Kingdom Lodge
2. Fort Wilderness Campgrounds
1. The Boardwalk

Activities around the “World”
5. Mini Golf at Winter/Summerland
4. EPCOT World Showcase Segway Tour
3. Rent a Surrey Bike with friends and bike around the Swan and Dolphins, Yacht and Beach Club, and Boardwalk resort
2. Rent a single person motor boat and ride around the Seven Seas Lagoon
1 Attend a campfire at the Fort Wilderness campgrounds

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!


  1. Universe of Energy isn't relaxing! It's a hilarious, loud, dinosaur, SFX video-wise adventure!

    Don't insult Ellen :P

    I would not be relaxed at the FWC. I'd be afraid of being eaten by a bear...

    Are the activities around the world supposed to be the relaxing ones too or just for fun?

    This comment is too long and I like to contradict you just because.

    Princess Ash ;)

  2. A. Universe of Energy isn't too loud.......lord knows I took my fair share of naps during my program on that ride

    B. A bear? really? Maybe a squirrel who's nuts (ouch bad pun) but a bear?

    C. They are relaxing.....or as relaxing as it gets at the world.....mind you they are relaxing "activities"... otherwise I would have just done a list like this

    1. Sleep on the hammocks at the Grand Floridian
    2. Sllep on the rocking chairs by the haunted mansion
    3. Sleep on patio at the Boardwalk
    4. Sleep on the couches in the Contemporary
    5. Sleep right in the middle of I4

    D. You call that a long comment...Ha.....bush league

    I win!

  3. Today is coming to a close...where's your post!?!?

  4. I only posts on week days......come on focus