Saturday, October 17, 2009

My First Day and My First Magic Moment 2-2!


This is one of my favorite picture from the upstairs of my old restaurant looking out onto Tom Sawyer's Island.

First of all, my response to this video is that there are no such thing as ghosts.
Secondly. Why can’t we get this or something like this at Disney World?

And now the uh….."epic".....conclusion to My fist day of work and my first magical moment. Enjoy!

I walked back out to the counter area, the place that I would be living for the better part of five-ish months. I say five-ish because I did spend about a month and a half at EPCOT working the Food and Wine festival but that’s a whole other story for a different day. The first thing I noticed about the counter area was that it wasn’t very big so I found myself sharing an area roughly four feet by maybe twenty feet with about seven other people. I was told to only concern myself with handing out trays of food, as I would not be trained to man the soda fountains until the next day. I could only wonder what intricacies and skills it could require to man one of these stations that I wouldn’t be allowed to work it for another twenty four hours. Whatever. So focused on the task at hand and went into overdrive as it was the lunch rush. It was a fairly easy job to do. First I took an order receipt from the printer next to the apple crisps and looked over what’s on the ticket. I then proceeded to grab the corresponding tray and completed the order with the proper drinks, deserts, and side items the order called for. Finally I would call out the order number and the guests would get their food. Rinse, Wash, and Repeat. It was actually pretty fun, like a video game you would play on an educational website. At one point drink filler at station one was called away for a moment and I was told to fill drink orders while she was away. So much for training……but again it was pretty straight forward. An order appears on the screen, you grab the appropriate sized cup, pour the drink, fill the order, and move on to the next. Again just Rinse, Wash, and Repeat. Now I can’t say anything about other jobs outside of Disney World because truth be told I have never held a “common” job before this but even though I was simply moving food from point A to point B, I loved it. I got a real feeling of satisfaction when I would ask a guest how their day was going or what their favorite ride was so far and they would go on for ten minutes about everything they had done that day. Maybe it was because they were excited or maybe it was because they were talking about Disney but I loved listening to them and asking them, “and then what happened?” Anyways, to continue the story, there was only fifteen minutes left in my job and I had yet to perform my first magical moment for a guest. Just then I saw one of my fellow cast members from Brazil give a little girl with a Disney birthday pin a chocolate cake because it was her birthday. Apparently that’s one of the things we did as a magical moment (but apparently we stopped doing it towards the end of my program). So now I was keeping my eyes open for a birthday pin but with three minutes left for my day I worried that I wouldn’t be able to give one on my first day. And then I saw him. There was a little boy coming up at one of the stations that I wasn’t working at and I grabbed a cake and rushed to that station. And when the little boy reached the counter I gave him the cake and wished him a “happy Birthday!” When my shift was over I was grabbed by my trainer again and she congratulated me on a successful first day on the job. And truth be told, I gave myself a little pat on the pack and knew……this is going to be a pretty wild ride. As Mr. Toad would say, “We’re merrily merrily merrily on our way to nowhere in particular.”

I had a magical first day and I hope that those of you who are planning to do the program will have as an enjoyable first day and as an amazing of a program as I did.

And until next time.....

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day

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