Friday, October 23, 2009

Strange Short Post today

I decided to go home for the weekend and because I didn't have access to my computer until about ten minutes ago, today is going to be an intro for tomorrows post (I know it's mind blowing, but let it sink in).

Today's post is sponsored by the letter "Y" as in "Y am I wide awake at at 1:34 in the morning?"

So it was brought my attention that there are actually people out there doing the Spring and Spring Advantage programs. This means that instead of missing out on the traditions of the smaller holidays such as Halloween and Christmas, they are missing out on such heavy hittters as St. Patty's Day and Valentine's Day (and possibly Chinchila Day, I'm still not clear as to what day that falls on). Now, because I did my program from May to January, everything I say from here on out is hypothetical; meaning this is what I would assume would be the best way to approach the holidays during your program. Why celebrate them? Why is the year of "What will you celebrate" after all. So check it out tomorrow: How to celebrate the Spring holidays on the program at Disney.


  1. I had to read that sentence twice to get the sarcasm.

    I like it all the more because of the above fact.

    Valentine's Day is VERY significant if you have a significant other. (Yes, I said significant twice on purpose...and unrelated...yes, I did just catch up on 3 days worth of your posts in one night...OOOOH BOY!)

  2. I don't know if there was any sarcasm in this post.....maybe some tom foolery or possibly some shananigans with a touch of lunacy

    I would say significant three times but everytime I do that a strange zombie in a striped suit comes popping out of nowhere, or was that saying "Beetleguese".....I always confuse the two