Monday, October 19, 2009

Boo To You.....and You and You and You


This is an odd "ghostly" picture I took during the Boo To You parade.

I am pleasantly surprised about the amount of participation I had in the most recent theme poll. I put up the poll a couple weeks ago to choose this week’s theme and the whole time “The Future has Arrived” and “Let’s Go on an Adventure” were neck and neck. They were still tied at five o’clock today when I made the decision to hold those themes for next week and start a poll that just has those two as the option and do a different theme for this week. Then while I was writing the new article I saw that another vote was put in for “Future” and so I scraped what I was doing and started a new article for “Future” until……..yes, not even twenty minutes later a vote was put in for “Adventure.” So then I made my decision and here it is.

This week’s theme is “Holidays Part 1: Halloween.” Then next week I will do “The Future has Arrived Today.” And then finally, the following week will be “Let’s Go on an Adventure.” And then we will what happens from there on.

With Halloween inching closer and closer, I thought this week would be a good week to talk about holidays while you are in the program. Almost every family in the world has traditions during the different holidays. It could be something as big as throwing an annual Halloween or Christmas party or as small as maybe doing an Easter egg hunt or making special cakes on Valentines’ day. It could be that every year your family decorates the Christmas tree together or maybe you all go out to dinner on New Year’s Eve. Whatever it is, you have probably already realized that chances are this will be the first year you won’t be involved. Disney World is open every day and 85% of the time, College Program participants will be given those days (that’s just what happens). This week I will be discussing the many ways you can celebrate and enjoy the holidays. I am feeling great about this week because I feel this will all be information you will be happy to know. So until tomorrow….

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!!


  1. SO glad that during my CP the biggest holidays are Valentine's Day ( when you're in a relationship like me it is kinda a big deal but we're counting it as not right now), St. Patrick's Day, Easter, and Mother's Day. HAHAHA, SILLLYYYY!

    Granted, if I staayyyy, I could be out of luck...we'll see with that one...

    Have a magical night!

  2. Yeah, my program was during all the major holidays. I worked all day on Christmas, Halloween, New Year's Eve, and the 4th of July but I was able to get an ER on Thanksgiving so that my roommates and I could have a good meal (I lived with too cooks).

    But what do you mean you wont be up there for a big holiday.....February 2nd.....Hellooo, Groundhog's Day......only the most exciting holiday of the year