Friday, October 16, 2009

My First Day and First Magic Moment 1 of 2!


First of all a piece of advice. As I write this I kick myslef for not having kept any sort of blog or journal during my program. I do remeber just about all of the details, I don't have any sort sense of time during this entry. I believe on my first day I went from 10:30 until 4:30. So just note to yourself that it is a good idea to keep a journal or something. And now I present part 1 of my first day. Enjoy.......

I was told to report to a particular white bench underneath the Magic Kingdom, I arrived there an hour beforehand just in case. And as I sat there, I watched the other new Cast Members coming and going. They were all wearing the costumes of their new work location and all with the same look of fear and excitement. Then it was my turn. A lady approached me, dressed from head to toe like Betsy Ross. She asked me, “Are you John?” I looked down at my chest to make sure I was wearing a name tag that said John ( I was) and I looked back up and said, “Yes.” I stood up and I followed her down the rabbit hole known as the Utilidors. We went down two hallways and found ourselves in front of an elevator. We got in the elevator and it took us up to a patio behind the restaurant where I met a few of my would be fellow Cast members. Then my trainer, who was an extremely nice lady, gave me the rundown of the restaurant and handed me a packet which gave a background of the restaurant, Cast Member guidelines, the menu, and a list of what’s inside all of the food items we sell. I was told to know it well. We then went inside the restaurant and instantly, everyone of my senses were put to work. I could smell fish and fires frying. There were a lot of dishes clanging and orders being filled. I saw both Cast Members dressed in 1700’s garb mingling with Cast Members wearing their cooking outfits. It was a little over whelming but I quickly gained my bearings. I was brought out to the counter area for all of ten seconds where I met the rest of the people I would be working with for the next seven months. We then proceeded out to the dining area, up a flight of stairs, and into a back area where I met the area manager (again one of the nicest people I’ve ever met). Then before I knew it I was being whisked down another set of stairs and I found myself once more in the patio area by the elevator where they had a small selection of the menu items for me to sample. The fish, chicken, and Mac n cheese were the best. When I finished, another girl grabbed me and told me she would be helping me with the next phase of my training and that for the last two hours of my shift I would be at the counter filling orders. This was the moment I had been waiting for. It was game time!

To be continued tomorrow…….


  1. COOL!

    PS - Sorry I've been kinda absent from my usual commenting...busy busy busy busy bussyyy!!!

  2. I don't expect comments but I deifnetly appreciate them......Thank you.