Thursday, January 14, 2010

This will lead us to the greatest treasure in our nation's.......


Today I’ll be taking a quick hiatus while I whittle away my possibilities for letters K,L,M,N,O, and P. So that leaves me with only one option for today’s post……quiz time. This time however we are doing things a little different. I present before you guys 15 letter number puzzles. All you have to do is figure out what each line means. For example, If I wrote (2 Ls at E) the answer would be (2 Lands at EPCOT). I have helped you guys out by putting an “s” next to the words that are plural. This is the first time I am trying out a game like this so if you guys like it then great, if you don’t well…..great. I continue with my normal post tomorrow. Enjoy:

1) 999HHs
2) 3Ms in the MK
3) 11 Cs in the WS
4) M sits on 1R
5) 0 Bs on C’sC (That’s a zero not the letter)
6) S is E 626
7) 6 Rs at AK
8) 1 M’s D at HS
9) 4 HCs for the DCP
10) 3M Ts at the TTC
11) MK O in 71
12) 1 R in LS
13) 4 Ps at WDW
14) MK has 7 Ls
15) 25 Hs at WDW
The answers will be posted tomorrow

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!!


  1. Oh.... How Fun! :)

    I've already figured out a couple :)

  2. is 25 the right number for #15 though??

  3. Technically yes. I don't think you are counting a whole category of what it is.

  4. actually i thought it should be higher.

  5. You might be counting a few that Disney doesn't own

  6. They are not owned by Disney so I wasn't

  7. hahaha so cryptic, but i'm glad i understand that ^ :-P

  8. I totally did're SUPER DISNEY FREAKS! (I love the D-Fam :) )