Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Response to Another Blog


Starting next week, this blog will be returning back to normal. That means that themed weeks will be returning and my articles will return to their gold standard (or was it Copper Standard). I will be providing tips for those in the Spring 2010 for everyday living and park exploration. I will also start talking more about Fall 2010 and hopefully I can start planning for my own College Program. So, I next week is the return of regular (whatever that means) the Purple Folder CP.

Second, let me say that I am going to finish my letters project as follows:
-Thursday: OPQR
-Friday: STUV
-Saturday: WXYZ

Tomorrow I’m going to announce the winners of Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios as well as the bracket for the “Best Ride at Disney World” competition.

Now, I was going to continue the letters today but as I was checking out the latest posts on some of the blogs, I came across a tip in Cori’s blog that has become sort of canon in the Disney College Program “How to Handbook.” (My lawyers have told me to inform you folks not to waste your time going out to Barnes and Noble or Borders because there is no real How to Handbook……yet). Now bear with me those of you who are doing the Spring 2010 program and have successfully completed everything you are already at Disney (or almost there)……this is more for those who are awaiting the arrival of Fall 2010 applications that should be here any day now. The tip is to SMILE during your interview because although the interviewer can’t physically see the smile, they can hear it in your voice. It is a great tip, one that I have stressed time and time again. But I have to wonder if there is more to be said about this. Remember folks, I am not an interview expert and although I work for Disney, nothing I say here guarantees you anything…..these are just my thoughts on the matter.

I think it goes beyond the smile. You see, when you are TRYING to smile, you have the potential to come across two issues. The first issue that can arise is that you may think about smiling so much that you start forgetting how to finish your sentences or what you are trying to say entirely. The other issue that can arise is by forcing a smile, you may become nervous or anxious and this can cause uncomfortable giggling or stuttering (or something like that) and that is something that can potentially be off putting to the interviewers. I think rather, it’s the mentality of SMILE. You should be happy, I mean, you are interviewing for a position at the Happiest Place on Earth (I’m sorry Disneyland, but Disney has four parks…..doesn’t get any happier than that). Laugh when it’s appropriate. Remember to be professional (because it is a job interview) but stay light hearted……almost conversational (I know I had a great talk with my interviewer about this and that and it definitely made all the difference…..it took the shake out of my voice.)

Here are some tips on of how to be successful when it’s your time to get to interview:

-Watch a Disney movie (but not Ol’ Yeller) to get into the Disney mindset and so that you remember what you have been working for all semester (or life time…..however long you’ve preparing)

- Sleep in until about an hour and a half before your interview (or just nap until if your interview is in the afternoon). That way you have no time to work your nerves up. (Hey, whatever works right?)

- Set a timer for two minutes and in that time write down your favorite things about Walt Disney World so that you can reference the list…..when it’s relevant of course (Example of not relevant: Q- What’s your name? A- I love Expedition Everest)

-Make sure you have some questions for when they ask, “Do you have any questions?” I don’t know, It’s just something I was told to do and it probably couldn’t hurt.
I feel like I just sort of rambled through this so in case you want a summary, here are my concluding thoughts. (Smiling = Good) but (Actually being happy and enjoying the interview = better). If they can hear you smiling, then it must sound like screaming (in a good way) when you are enthusiastic and excited. Go into it relaxed and happy but remember to remain professional at all time.

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!!

P.S.: If all else fails, remember that chances are they will ask you “Why Do You Want to Work at Disney World?” and that’s when you can really shine.


  1. The T-Rex picture made me smile. I ate there twice today. Haha.

  2. I want to be at Disney World right now......