Monday, November 16, 2009

I Am.......Different!


This is a new day and all is good with the world!

One of the followers of the blog known as the Purple Folder asked if I could talk about classes you can take during the Disney College Program. And I will…..eventually. That article is going to take a little bit of time (not too much though) just because there are so many classes you can take and I want to try to cover it all in one post. So look forward to seeing that maybe next week.

There will be no theme for this week. Instead I am working on something very AWESOME. So AWSOME in fact I’m not even going to tell you guys what it is until tomorrow when I will be starting it. It will then go on for this first week and then off and on for the next couple of weeks. This is something that I am really excited about and I hope it will be something that you will all enjoy. And if you don’t well……I don’t know. But for now, a hint. Hmmmm…..a hint? Okay, I’ve got it! “NCAA BB MM.” Okay? Figure it out and stay tuned for tomorrow when you find out that the fun is only starting.

And if you feel like you didn’t get your Disney fix for the day, I give you three great links to tide you over until tomorrow.

Everybody (or most everybody) has played 20 Q. Well this site allows you to see if you can stump the computer....Disney style. Just choose your language and then choose the Disney themed game and have fun.

This next link will take you to my old roommate's new vlog. He will be doing the Spring 2010 Advatage Program and although he is still getting used to vlogging, he is really energetic and he knows alot about the social aspects of the program. So check him out.

And this last one I've only just started to explore but it seems like a neat Disney nedia site

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!


  1. I got very exited when I read that a follower asked about the classes and I thought "WOW that was fast!!" only to read the eventually... lol!
    But I don't mind waiting! I appreciate you mentioning it! :)

  2. Actually I have an update. I will be discussing classes next Tuesday for sure so just bare with me.

  3. I may or may not have just read your entire blog.

    I'm hooked and can't wait to read more.

    Also, two things:

    1. While the effort was appreciated it's Phantom of the Megaplex, not Cineplex (although Phantom of the Cineplex is a band). Get your DCOMs straight. :)

    2. I love your themes. I especially loved The Future Has Arrived. Meet the Robinsons is my favorite movie.

  4. Psssh, what mistake? I don't make mis...(quickly changes Cineplex to Megaplex).....takes.

  5. hahahaha!!!
    and no worries! I'm in no hurry about the classes, just curious. :)