Monday, November 2, 2009

Why not us?


First of all, if you were wondering what to ask Santa for Christmas, ask for the red monorail door.

Second, two posts today? Can anyone say "King of the Lab!" (Bones is an awesome show)

I think back to a comment I made to one of the campus reps from up north who was talking about how he was preparing for four Professional Internship interviews. I asked him, jokingly, “Have you told Iger yet that to be on his toes because you are gunning for his job?” or something to that effect. At the time I was joking but looking back on it….why not? Why don’t we hold onto that over the top thinking, its not necessarily to much of a stretch? “Somebody” has to be the next president of the Walt Disney Company…..why not me, why not you? Many of you are getting ready to experience the Disney Company on a whole new level…..a professional level. Who knows what new doors the Disney College Program will open for you? A College Program could lead to a full time job or a Professional Internship which could lead to some managerial position and from there its just a ladder climb straight up. Hey, somebody has to fill the seat in the president’s office, why not one of us? All I know is that one day I’m going to be president of the Walt Disney Company and when I am…..who knows. Dream big, dream really big, dream in widescreen (thank you Ellen’s Universe of Energy). For the future has arrived and its up to you to blaze the road it travels on.

To close, I recall a drive to Disney back when I was about seven and I told my mom with all the truth and sincerity of a young dreamer’s dreams “When I grow up, I’m going to live in Cinderella’s Castle!” Three things you look for when buying a house…..location, location, and location.

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!


  1. Favorite post in a while :)

    I told my mom that I was going to work at WDW. She said "yeah, ok." Now I am!

    I also auditioned for Character Performer yest...YIKES!

    Can 2-3 weeks be over yet please? I need to know!

    PS - We should be FB friends.

  2. Character preformer....that ought to be interesting.....good luck with your audition

    as for the 2-3 weeks....remember I said two posts ago, my time travel abilities are less than amazing so nothing can be done there

    and I sent a FB request

  3. When I was ten I told my mom I was going to be Ariel by day and an Imagineer living in Cinderella Castle and designing rides at night. :)

    Still think it's possible.

  4. Hey all I know is that when they added the Dream Suite to the castle, they made the dream just that much more possible

    Ariel by day and Imagineer in Cinderella's Castle by night? Sounds like a very strange superhero......go for it