Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Test! A Test!


Today I bring to you another quiz, this one incorporating the week's theme: The Future Has Arrived. The following questions will test your knowledge of both the Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland as well as EPCOT's Futureworld. Enjoy!

1. What EPCOT attraction stood where Mission Space stands now? And what attraction was this attraction a proposed sequel to?

2. In what attraction can you see a model of one of the original plans for EPCOT?

3. Bill Nye the Science Guy and Ellen (just Ellen) star in the current version of Universe of Energy in EPCOT. What other attraction does Bill Nye provide his voice for? What other attraction does Ellen provide her voice for?

4. What attraction now stands where, in 1972, stood the Eastern Airlines sponsored “If You Had Wings?”

5. Before the most recent update to the Tomorrowland Transit Authority the narration was informing that Mr. Tom Morrow’s party had arrived from what planet?

6. In Test Track, your vehicle narrowly avoids hitting a semi-truck before you approach the crash test. The person sitting in the driver’s seat is actually a cut out of which former American president?

7. What is the name of the intergalactic lounge singing alien that performs daily at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight CafĂ©?

8. Attractions in Futureworld at EPCOT used to be given unique logos that could be found on signs to identify these attractions. How many of the following rides or attractions can you identify by their original logos. (Hint: There are a couple extinct attractions as well)


Keep a weather eye on the horizon and as always...

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!


  1. So the fact that you can stump me with basically all of these makes you 3X more my hero than ever.


    And I LOOOVVVEEE "Keep a weather eye on the horizon" as a sig-out. I'm stealing that one too :)

  2. Were you able to figure out some of the EPCOT symbols?

  3. Logos:

    World of Motion
    Universe of Energy
    Spaceship Earth
    The Land
    The Living Seas

  4. That's right, though I'm surprised you remember Communicore