Monday, November 30, 2009

A Festivus for the Restivus!



But I’m back!

I still plan on doing the post about the classes this week and what we are thankful for in the College Program and Disney World in general. So for this week once again there will be no theme, however……you guys will be voting for next week’s theme so have fun with that. This month I want to do a week devoted to Christmas (or the holidays), I want to do a week focusing on the final days leading up to your arrival in Orlando because let's face's almost that time, and finally, I want to do a family week discussing tips for when they come down (or up) and family in general because it is just that time of the year. So I think we have three good ones to choose from. And speaking of voting…..

Today we see the final preliminary matches for both EPCOT and the Magic Kingdom. Pirates of the Caribbean returns this week against the Haunted Mansion in this week’s Magic Kingdom featured match. EPCOT’s featured match pits the two thrill rides at EPCOT. By luck of the draw, Splash Mountain and Spaceship Earth both earn a BYE for the week and with that they will be a part of the final twelve tournament.


It’s a Small World vs. Space Mountain
Haunted Mansion vs. Pirates of the Caribbean
Mission Space vs. Test Track
Journey into your Imagination vs. Universe of Energy


  1. I had to use hypothetical reasoning on Mission Space vs. Test Track... I've never ridden either.

  2. How would you feel if I gave you a generic PW to enter my blog so you could fix my commenting issue? I'm tired of writing blogs with no responses, even though I know people read it...

  3. Katie, I hope you fix that "hypothetical" issue when you go down for your program.

    Ashlie, pm me on FB with the email and password to login and I will fix the problem

  4. also i couldn't pick a theme because they all sound great!

  5. Splash isn't gone. It got the BYE for the week because there were five attractions left so it automatically moves on to the next round and it is a part of the final three for the Magic Kingdom

  6. oh oh gotcha. i was about to be devastated! that's my favorite ride in all of wdw ♥

  7. You should totally do a post about the classes! I have a list of ones I can take for credit and I don't know which one to choose. So I could use some insider insight.