Monday, March 8, 2010

And the Award Goes to.....


Well, the Academy Awards came and went yesterday with Disney and Pixar's UP! coming home with a few pieces of gold. Also yesterday, we had the last day of voting for the "Best Ride at Disney World" competition (or "The Most Drawn Out Competition in the History of Ever"....I mean, it started in November). Now, before I reveal the winner of the competition (in case you haven't already seen it) and in the spirit of yesterday's Award show, I have come up with what I feel are represent the best rides in each of my selected categories. These categories are as random as I am...that's very, in case you haven't been paying attention. The winners of each category were chosen using a very scientific algorithm I developed known as T.M.O.S.L.W.I. (or They're My Opinions, So Live With It). Enjoy:

1. Wildest Ride in the Wilderness – (Big Thunder Mountain Railroad)

2. Least Wildest Ride in the Wilderness – (Goofy’s Barnstormer at Wiseacre Farms)

3. Best View of the Backside of Water – (Jungle Cruise)

4. Best Example that Disney Should Re-evaluate their Janitorial Staff – (Tower of Terror with Haunted Mansion as a close second)

5. Best Ride Featuring a Battle in Outer Space – (Dinosaur….why? Because it’s my list and I wanted to remind you who holds the power….however limited it may be)

6. Queue that Would Best Benefit from a Fire Breathing Dragon….or Anything Really – (Dumbo the Flying Elephant)

7. Best ride that based a movie that based a ride……huh? – (Pirates of the Caribbean)

8. Most Likely to Have a Wait Time That Makes you Say “Wait, what? Are you Kidding Me?” – (Peter Pan’s Flight)

9. Best Ride Who’s Lesson is Eclipsed By a Giant Waterfall – (Kali River Rapids)

10. Best use of the Phrase “Car Phone” in an Attraction – (Walt Disney’s Carousel or Progress)

11. Best Near Death Experience by a Cardboard President – (Test Track…for more elaboration, click here)

12. Trippiest Ride – (Journey into Imagination)

13. Best Collection of Dead People Outside of the Haunted Mansion – (Hall of Presidents)

14. Kid’s Ride the Gives Me the Willies – (It’s a Small World)

15. Best Cameo by Lieutenant. Dan – (Mission Space)

16. Fastest Way to Tire an Arm – (Toy Story Mania)

17. Best Audio Animatronic That’ll Never Work – (Expedition Everest)

18. Most Original Ride – (Dumbo….er…Astro Orbiter….er….Magic Carpets of Aladdin…….Triceratops Spin)

19. Best use of a Montage Featuring Eddie Murphy, The Sting, and Scarlett O’Hara Getting Spanked – (The Great Movie Ride)

And of course, the winner of the Best Ride at Walt Disney World is....

20. Champion - (Splash Mountain)

Now, with as long as this copetition lasted and the amount of voting participation as it received, I fell like I should do something. So I have decided that sometime within the first week of arrival at the program, I will have some sort of event at Splash Mountain. Maybe we get a group of people to ride the ride a few times, watch the parade and fireworks, and maybe grab something to eat.....I dunno, its still a ways away. Anyways, that's it for today....

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!!


  1. Oh the joy that has been brought to my heart from reading this post.

  2. Splash Mountain is definitely one of my favorite rides. :)

  3. Ok..#10 literally made me laugh out loud.

  4. P.S. I hope you don't mind if I reference this list in my next vlog.

  5. I'm really glad that you guys enjoyed it.