Monday, March 22, 2010

Quick Reply to Lyanne

She Wrote:

I wrote a super long comment the day you posted this but something happened with my internet and then I had to leave for school and now I don't really remember what I said...

Let's see:

I mentioned that Pushing Daisies was an amazing show. The art department for it was just incredible and I was sad to see it go.

That I couldn't agree more about the Disney touch. That's what really makes the difference between a theme park and an amusement park even if there are other non disney theme parks. Nobody can deny that there are no other parks that do it like Disney. It's all those little details that the imagineers create that make the experience so magical even if most (including myself) don't notice at first.

Would Walt like everything that is going on in his company these days?
Well, I doubt he would agree with everything but above all I like to believe he wouldn't love Stitch's Great Escape.
I love Stitch but his ride... not so much. I'd like to see some "progress" in that corner of Tomorrowland.

And I agree with Jenn about the Jacob quote.
Sorry for writing so much. I think the 3 essays I had to write last week got to me.

Wow! That comment seemed like an essay and I love it, thanks.

I lean towards agreeing with you about the Stitch attraction in that I feel that there is so much more much more. That being said, Tomorrowland has to be the hardest land to imagineer for. The fact of the matter is, technology is evolving at such a fast rate that by the time something new comes out, chances are its already obsolete. So no matter what the imagineers do, by the time they plan it and execute the plan, it probably wont seem too futuristic.

Now that's not to say there isn't some solutions around this issue. The tomorrowland we have now is a future that never could have possibly been or a "fantasyland/tomorrowland" hybrid. It incorporates the Pixar characters and other characters like Stitch and Buzz to present a Disney Movie future full of monsters and such.

Another option, and the one that I wish they would use, is the original concept for Tomorrowland and that is "the tomorrow that never was and never will be." Something out of the Jetsons that represent the Tomorrow that is impractical but fun. Robots running around, personal rockets to Mars....pretty much what we see in the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Personally, I would like to see Tomorrowland draw inspiration from Meet the Robinsons with all the bubbly over the top buildings, vehicles, people, and robots.

But to each their own I guess....

(P.S. The Puching Daisies style was neat, very unique)


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  2. I absolutely love your idea of 'the tomorrow that never was or will be'. It's exactly what I want that land to be like.

  3. You're totally right about the fantasyland/tomorrowland hybrid. I hadn't realized it but it's completely true...
    And in a way it works because by just using futuristic movies or characters they don't have to worry about the obsolete technology like you mentioned.
    Plus I love Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin and Monster's Inc Laugh Floor.

    Funny thing is that something that works really well in Tomorrowland is the Carousel of Progress.There's nothing futuristic about it anymore but Tomorrowland wouldn't be the same without it.

    If the imagineers made the "the tomorrow that never was and never will be" idea come to life, I think it would be something absolutely spectacular to see. They should just eliminate Stitch's ride, make something better there and expand Tomorrowland to include that idea of yours!

    *sighs* I love Tomorrowland. :)

    I also love this post because my name's on the title! haha. Thanks John!