Sunday, March 7, 2010

Well, It's Getting There


I am still in the process of writing my Disney World: Academy Awards post. That’ll go up tomorrow, so look forward to it. That being said, today I have two College Program tips. The first deals with your ID tag, the second talks about making smart purchases with your discount. I also linked up an older post to the first tip and I encourage you to check out some of my older posts as I have articles that deal with what to bring, your first week of the program, and a bunch of other interesting tips, tricks, quizzes, and whatnots. It is with deepest pride and greatest pleasure that we welcome you tonight. And now we invite you to relax, let us pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents…eh, just enjoy it:

Tip 108: Keep your ID hidden when on stage- Congrats, you work for the Walt Disney Company. Is there proof of this? Of course, you have your company ID. This card will get you into the parks, backstage, and just about anywhere else you need to get (please don’t flash this and expect to backdoor rides or something because you will be laughed right out of your job). Now I mentioned in this post ( that when you are backstage you need your ID out at all times when you aren’t in costume and that the key is to have an ID lanyard. Yeah, yeah, yeah….okay, back to the rule. Wear the lanyard, but when you are out in the parks, keep it tucked in your shirt. If you don’t, ONLY BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN. I will repeat that, ONLY BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN. First of all, I think there may actually be a rule against having it out. Secondly, let’s say hypothetically that you have an accident with a guest and someone gets hurt. If they think you are also a guest they will chalk it up to an accident, but if they see that you are an employee of the Walt Disney Company then….well, let’s just chalk it up to ONLY BAD THINGS CAN HAPPEN. And thirdly, all that aside, there are so many other cast members working in the park and enjoying their day off, who are you really trying to impress?

Tip 316: Do you want a soda or water? Pick it up at a merchandise location- Logic tells you that if you want food or drink, then you pick it up at one of the many QSFB carts and restaurants. It only makes sense. But here’s something to consider, there are few if any (I don’t think there are any) QSFB locations that you get the cast discount at. That just won’t do. But, you do receive the discount at most merch locations and guess what. (What John?) Many of the stores have places where you can purchase a soda or water. And because places like the Confectionary on Main Street are considered a store, you can pick up a snack at discount as well. The fact is, when money is tight, knowing where these places are is very important.

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!

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  1. thank you for tip 316 lol
    i know this is something i will use to the max!