Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hey! Dragon. Dragon, not lizard. I don't do that tongue thing.


I have a radio show..... so take that people who said I would never get one. Which, if we count those who doubted in Europe but not the people who doubted in Antartica and the southern most coast of France, that equals zero whole people.

Anyways..... (Insert excruciatingly awkward silence here, and possibly a trip to your local grocery store because you're out of milk and I know you dont plan on eating your special "grown up" breakfast of two bowls of Cocoa Krispies followed by one bowl of Corn Flakes dry)

Now that we have that out of the way, yes I have a radio show. Towards the end of the last semester, the folks at Owl Radio granted me two hours on Monday to talk about whatever I wanted to. Naturally I chose to spend these precious hours to talk about the wonders of sweaters with Kittens on them (of the stories). The concept went over their heads and naturally I went to the second choice, Disney. (Do you realize how little substance their actually is tothis post? How does blogger allow me to keep this thing?)

Here are some quick hits about the show:

Name: Pause, Rewind, Play featuring an Hour in Wonderland
When: Mondays from 9PM to 11PM
Who: Your favorite Disney blogger (no, not that person, I mean me), CP Chris, and Mark the disney guru (loosely defined guru)

So that's that, check out the show when we resume this semester.

Now for something different. How about a story? I feel good one of course, how about my favorite Magical Moment working at Beaches and Cream (or one of my favorite):
It was a relatively slow day at Beaches and Cream. I was put on "to-go" window duty with my buddy (and now radio co-host....see that, full circle) Chris. Now there were only two families eating in the restaurant and nobody was in our line so he and I were enjoying a rather competitive game of hangman (the category, retro disney....yeah, we are those kind of nerds and proud of it). A mother and her little boy came in for lunch and sat at the counter in front of us ending our game (I was winning FYI). The mom looked to be enjoying the air conditioner and her son was looking pretty happy and so we got to talking with them.

They told us that they had just come back from the Magic Kingdom to get a nap and a bite to eat before meeting back up with the rest of the family that night at EPCOT. So we asked the boy what his favorite thing was about Magic Kingdom. And that's when his grin got bigger. "I rode the Space Mountain and I wasn't afraid." That's when his mom told us that they go to Disney World a couple times a year and everytime the boy opted to take the white gate exit rather than ride the ride. But not today, today he found the courage to ride and he loved it. Well Chris and I decided this was a feat to be celebrated. So while he stayed there talking to them the family, I went on a scavenger hunt.

I first checked the storage area that we kept this particular object, nothing. So then I went through the kitchen to the manager's office, they were out. One more guess, I headed over to Cape May's offices but alas, they too were out. Then it hit me, I left the restaurant area and headed to the front desk of the resort and finally obtained two free guest Holy Grails, "I'm Celebrating" pins. I borrowed a sharpie, wrote what I had to on them and headed back, mission accomplished.

Catchint them just as they were finishing paying, Chris and I awarded them their pins. For the boy, "I'm Celebrating: Conquering Space Mountain" and for his mom, "I'm Celebrating: (Then an arrow pointing to her son) He Did." At this point the boy was beaming. As they were leaving, the boy showed everybody he could his new Medal of Honor. From the servers, to the seaters, and even the guests that were eating lunch. He was so happy! They left and Chris and I resumed our game. Just another day at Walt Disney World.

Finally, I believe I promised you guys a picture of me in my costume so enjoy, and be nice:

Have a Zip-A-Dee-Do-Dah-Day!!!

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